Our Mission

St Michael and St James Haunton CHURCH INTERIOR

To witness Christ in our lives by our belief and proclamation of the Gospel

Want to know more about being a Catholic?

Whether you’re a baptised Catholic who hasn’t been to church for some time, or a non-Catholic, or of no faith group at all you are very welcome to ask questions, observe, or simply share time with our parishioners. Perhaps the first step would be to ‘come and see’ by attending one of our weekend Masses and talking to one of the pastoral team. Each year we also run an Alpha course where we meet and learn about the teachings of the Church – in a friendly and gentle environment.

If you want to know more please speak, email or phone anyone of our pastoral team.

The Presbytery, St Michael and St James Catholic Church, Main Street, Haunton, Staffordshire B79 9HL    The Parish is a parish within the Archdiocese of Birmingham (Registered Charity No: 234216)    Birmingham Archdiocese Website    Visit our Facebook